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Merge Word documents


The Merge Word documents action merges multiple word documents into a single Word document. This action merges up to a total file size of 100MB limit supported in Power Automate. Note: The API supports up to 500MB for the final Word document outside of Power Automate.

Supported File Type

Supported file types are: docx

Input Parameters

The Merge Word documents has the following input parameters

  • JSON Array– The JSON array
    • Content – A Base-64 encoded string of the file being converted. Extracted from Get file content flow action using expression body(‘Get_file_content’)?[‘$content’] 
    • Filename – Optional for this action: Filename including extension of each of the files in the array

Sample JSON Array

Output Parameters

  • File Content – The generated Word document.
  • Body – The generated Word document.

Example Flow

For details instructions on how to use the Xbridger Merge Word documents, please refer to the following blog post.

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