Merge multiple word documents into one using our API. Our API is a subscription-based service that is designed to work with Out of the box actions for creating files in Power Automate. With our affordable API, team members can now work on different pages of a document , say proposal or a manual and combine all documents together to produce the final version in docx or pdf.


Are your documents in PDF but want to merge them into one? We have you covered with our Xbridger PDF Merger API. Upload all your PDF documents into a library, set up a Power Automate instance using our Xbridger PDF Merger API and you are good to go.

Our Services


We offer SharePoint training and other training needs to corporate and individual. If you are new to SharePoint, Power Automate, PowerApps etc. or seeking to improve your knowledge in any of the listed areas, we are ready to help you achieve your goals. Our instructors are experts who have hands-on experience delivering SharePoint solutions to clients. Students are given project at the end of their training to ensure what they learn can be put into practice.

SharePoint Projects

We develop, customize and extend the functionalities of SharePoint to meet your business requirements. Our team of experts can help your organization to build and deliver SharePoint projects. We have expertise not only in SharePoint but also PowerApps, Power Automate, Power BI etc. 

Virtual IT Support

Make us your virtual IT department. It is often said that IT departments are a cost center, but you can cut down on those costs by leveraging our virtual IT support services to provide technical support for your business. Our approach is particularly  helpful for small organizations. Our aim is to help you cut cost by providing remote technical support to your employees and offer you Pay-As-You-Go to ease the payment. We can also provide a dedicated resource to support your business. For more details contact us.